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Webcam Logitech C270 Review – Specification and Price

Webcam Logitech C270 Review – Specification and Price | So with pretty much every single meeting happening nowadays all being online one thing that is vital is having a good webcam. And that’s something I have not had I’ve always used my laptop webcam and it you know did the job but I thought now that I have a bit more meetings here and there online I should upgrade get a better webcam and that’s exactly what I did I went to best buy and I saw the cheapest one there which was the Logitech C270.

And decided you know what I’ll pick it up to give it a try to see how it is it’s Logitech it can’t be that bad right man was I wrong. Let’s take a look and see why so now let’s start off with what you get inside of this box for 35 dollars I open up the box and you just get the webcam the cord is attached to it there’s nothing special you do also get a quick start guide. That’s about it you know there’s nothing else that I would think would come with a webcam and if it did that’s a pretty darn good webcam.


So now taking a look at the design of this bad boy the c270 is completely made out of plastic the cord is non-detachable as well just plastic material. There as well you also do have this kind of flip-out feet thing where you can attach it to your monitor your screen whatever you have just an angle however you like.

Which is nice it does only tilt up and down though so if you do want it to swivel completely you do not have that ability there are a couple of grips as well on this just so it makes a bit more of a secure fit and overall I’m going, to be honest with you guys there’s nothing special about the design of this I can’t talk about how it has RGB or some cool features or tricks up its sleeve it’s just a camera.

So now this webcam does record in 720p nothing too special there you’re pretty much getting the bare basics of a webcam anything under 720 and you need help you might as well just not have your webcam on now the only other feature this webcam has is mono noise cancellation so it just makes it so that any noise up to 1.5 meters happening around you isn’t picked up in my testing it did the job decently nothing too special but of course if there’s some sort of loud noise that happens it will pick it up.

Webcam Test

Okay so right now I’m talking using the Logitech c270 as you can see it’s pretty zoomed in on my face. I’m leaning back as well if I was to be more forward it would be like this again I’m not the biggest fan of it’s really up close not my thing. But as you can see this is what it would look like if you lean back I’d say I’m about three to four feet away from the camera right now and this is what it looks like so yeah it’s very zoomed-in.


It looks like absolute bing bing bong bong this thing made me legitimately want to take it off and throw it against the wall not only is the quality atrocious in my opinion my laptop was better and the other thing I didn’t like at all was usually with webcams you know.

You’re used to them being zoomed out seeing a wider angle just a nice everything pretty much in your background this one no no no instead of zooming out we zoom in we have a nice little cube around you and it’s extremely zoomed-in onto one section of your face you don’t see anything else you don’t see my hand movements you don’t see the background you don’t see any personality you just see my face and I personally.

Find that pretty annoying I would also get very annoyed and irritated if I had to stare at my own face every day but thankfully there’s not a mirror in front of me every day only when I wake up and go to bed do I have to see myself in puke.


So, overall all I really have to say about this is that Logitech cease 270 is personally not my favorite had you not realized. I’m definitely going to be returning this um because it just didn’t satisfy anything I’m gonna be returning this upgrading it.

To get something better because I realized that you know what when it comes to stuff like this you should honestly pay just a little bit more to get something that does exactly what you want and unfortunately as much as I would have loved to have another Logitech product.

That ticked off everything I loved it to do it just didn’t it lacked a bit too many features and just wasn’t good there’s really nothing else to say about it it’s a piece of plastic that zooms in on your face so if you like to have your face zoomed in on at really quality.

Originally posted 2022-06-21 06:06:06.