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JBL Quantum 200 Headset Review and Price

Now when you think of JBL the first thing that probably comes to mind are either their speakers or their headphones. You know because that’s pretty much what we always see them being used as but the one thing that doesn’t come in mind is a headset a JBL gaming headset. Today we have the JBL quantum 200 and we’re gonna see how it is and if there’s a reason that you don’t normally see JBL make headsets.


So let’s start with the design of these headphones first thing that you notice right off the bat is the build quality and I’m talking about the material the entire thing. Here is pretty much made out of plastic and it’s not you know the nice premium plastic you normally get this is more on the cheap side and just overall does not feel very premium.

Whatsoever you do have a bit of some cushioning at the top of the headband as well you do have some very nice cushioning on the ear cups. These are memory foam and in my opinion, these cushions were super duper comfy.

They were nice to have and just felt almost natural having them on your ear now as well on the side of the headset you do have a big JBL logo on both sides just in case you know if you forgot it’s JBL there’s a reminder it is JBL as well on the left ear cup.

You do have a volume up and down knob just to adjust the volume again it’s nothing too special it does feel pretty cheap in my opinion but I guess it’s better to have it than to not have it now as well if the big text wasn’t a theme on this headset you do have a big right.

And left indicator inside the headset so that you know if you forget which sides what there you go you can look and find now as well with the plastic on the ear cups they are a fingerprint magnet. If there’s any fingerprint magnet I’ve.


Now when it comes to the microphone you do have a nice little swivel down swivel microphone personally. When I heard it first I was like wow that’s a cool feature to have. But the sound it makes when you mute it and unmute it, in my opinion, is just too annoying and I didn’t like it at all here’s a quick little sound.

Test to give you an idea how it might not sound terrible through that sound test but even when I have this on my ears because my ears are inside of it I can even hear it more so I didn’t like that at all now.

Mic Test

This headset is discord certified but that brings us to the question of what is discord certified like what classifies a headset or microphone as discord certified do apple earbuds classify as discord. Certified does my laptop’s integrated microphone classified who knows let me know in the comments section below because I would love to know you can it registers the click-click.


Now as well you do get a nice braided cable that has some orange accents and an angled 3.5-millimeter headphone jack there was nothing really wrong with the headphone jack or the cable.

I was a big fan of it but mainly it was the headset that I wasn’t a big fan of and again that really goes back onto just the quality of this headset it feels super cheap I don’t feel like I got my money’s worth whatsoever. but you know what let’s jump into the sound quality to see how it is.

Sound Quality

Now when it came to the sound quality in my opinion it was also lacking one thing personally I know JBL for and a lot of other people do as well 03:58 is for having that kick that bass and that punch.

Where if you put one of their speakers or anything inside of a room it amplifies it and just takes over that room and in this case the experience and the sound quality. just wasn’t there it was honestly lacking it felt very muffled and in my opinion, didn’t have any kick to it which I was honestly surprised at this is my first JBL gaming headset.

I’ve ever tried and honestly probably the last one I’ll ever try because this it had no kick to it and I didn’t feel like I got my money’s worth whatsoever.


When it came to my experiences using this headset they weren’t terrible like honestly. the ear cups were very enjoyable I find that the memory foam ear cups were probably the best part of this entire headset and you know maybe JBL spent all their money on these ear cups.

who knows they might be 80 ear cups and then the rest was a couple of cents but everything else about it just wasn’t nice sure there was a bit of swivel here and there you could adjust the headset but the quality just really got to me and it did not feel premium whatsoever compared to other JBL products I’ve tried speakers headphones earbuds.

These just didn’t seem like this was even a jbl headset and that’s probably the best way to put it because and all their other products they have a lot of high-quality standards. that they want to reach they want to make sure that what they’re delivering is good but with this one, it just really wasn’t there another thing again. I mentioned before which I had terrible experiences with and I didn’t like it at all was mute and unmute of the microphone the sound it makes, in my opinion, is honestly just horrendous and I would not want this on anyone.

I don’t wish this upon anyone no human should have to endure this sound when they’re muting and unmuting it just makes you not want to mute or unmute.

Final Thoughts

Now when it comes to my final thoughts on this headset would I recommend it the answer is very simple no. because the quality just isn’t there and I wasn’t a big fan of the experience.

whether it’s the sound quality the build quality or just the overall kind of vibe. I got from opening this up I wouldn’t want any other person to experience it and that’s honestly you can ask anyone it’s pretty hard for me to come across a tech product where there’s not much I can say about it. that I enjoy I always try to look at every different perspective of a product to see oh maybe it might suit this person.

but for this, there are just the negatives just outweigh the positives in my opinion for anyone to pick this up and that’s why personally from me to you guys I would not recommend you buy this headset, and honestly. look at other options at this price range even if it means you have to pay a little bit more to get a better headset to trust me to do it this thing feels like it’s going to break in a couple of hours.

Originally posted 2022-06-21 07:07:33.