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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Price and Review 2021

Look at today are from samsung and they are the Samsung galaxy buds live now starting off with the design as you can see Samsung went with kind of a cube-like design which is pretty small and sleek similar to the air pods but the one thing that they did is they have kind of a glossy finish.

Which you know what that means it is a fingerprint magnet and personally being someone who doesn’t like looking down at the earbuds to see fingerprints I found myself constantly wiping them just to get rid of the fingerprints which I mean it’s unnecessary but yeah now as well this does charge on the backside via USB type-c and it also does have wireless charging which is two pretty cool.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Things which I would expect to see at an earbud like this now once we open the earbud case. That’s where we find the two kidney beans themselves and upon my first impressions honestly. I was kind of confused how these things would fit in your ear and how they’d be comfortable but after trying them out and honestly putting them in my ear not only were they discreet not only were.

They are pretty comfy they did the job pretty darn well just like the case the design of the earbuds is glossy. Which again kind of means that you’re gonna be having fingerprints on there you might want to look at a different option now Samsung was kind enough to include.


A couple more of these rubber ear things which you put on the earbud and it kind of just keeps the fit nice and snug. Because without them the earbud would be popping out for me personally when I started to sweat a lot it didn’t really work but whenever I wasn’t doing that they were perfectly fine and so if you want to customize it the options.

There now when it came to pairing these to my device personally I am an iPhone user. But the other half of tech barn is an android user Samsung user in particular and when he paired it was phenomenal for me honestly as well the pairing process was very easy and even whenever I would use it take it out pop it into my ear the pairing was almost instant and it does have a little chime to let you know that it’s connected.

I don’t think the delays were ever more than half a second from when I took it out and put it in my ear as soon as almost I put it in my ear I could hear the time saying that it’s connected. So the fact that that was doing that on an iPhone I’d say it’s pretty impressive now we all know AirPods have a really satisfying closing sound and if that matters to you here’s a quick sound test of the close of the Samsung galaxy buds live not terrible but a bit on the cheaper side I’d say now as well for the design some of you might be wondering.


How much this thing bulges out when you put it in your pocket and if it’s a good bulge you’re a bad bod so let’s take a look personally I’d say it’s not terrible but you can definitely see it but honestly if you’re just chilling doing your thing I think it’s pretty good now one cool thing about these earbuds is that they do have noise cancellation which I’m going to be honest with you if you look at the shape of these and the fact that they are not sealed whatsoever how good can the noise cancellation really be personally.

I can tell you right now that the noise cancellation if that’s what is really catching your eye about this product you should look at a different one because again there’s no seal there’s nothing really so it’s very similar to air pods in the sense that there’s no noise cancellation, the one good thing about these which I really liked. When it came to exercising and wearing them is that they almost never fall out whether it’s shaking my head like crazy jumping running you name the activity if I’m doing it these things stayed in my ear.

Because of their sleek design on top of that, if you ever want I don’t know to take off your jacket take off your shirt air pods whenever you want to do that they’re going to fall out you’re going to have to take them out and put them back. but with this, because they’re nice and sleek and tucked in that never happened so that was a pretty good pro in my opinion.

Now, these earbuds as well do have some onboard touch controls but personally I actually disabled mine because I found that they were a bit too sensitive whenever my earbuds were falling out or if they were on the verge of falling out and I’d push them back in or just want to adjust the fit I would find.

That they would pause play and for me that just got a bit annoying so I just turned it off but it is there if you’re someone who would use it now the one issue I ran into in my day-to-day use using these is that whenever I’m working out or exercising. And I start to sweat a little bit they would somewhat pop out even though they are IPX 2 rated I just found that whenever there is a bit of sweat or water in the equation they did tend to slide up and almost pop out it’s almost it’s the best way to put it is you put it in your ear and it slowly wants to pop out by itself.

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