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JBL Clip 4 Speaker Review 2021

Now with the thousands of different portable speakers that there are out there in the world, there are a few ones that are a lot better than the others one of those ones being the JBL clip 4.

now in this post we’re pretty much going to take a look at the JBL clip 4 why it stands out compared to all the other portable speakers and why this one, in particular, is a good option to go for with that being said let’s get right into the video now starting off with the main thing about the speaker and as the name says it.


The clip makes this the ultimate portable speaker so that you can pretty much strap it on your backpack carry it around however you want while not having to worry about it that much and design-wise this is where the JBL Clip 4.

excels in my personal opinion it can pretty much take any beating you throw its way it is ip67 waterproof as well as dustproof as well and one thing you might realize is that the entire body is kind of made out of this rope mesh-like material which in my opinion is a lot better than other speakers such as the Bose resolve sound link because if you take a look at that speaker compared to this one.

The bose has a lot of scratches and dents because of the aluminum body and so JBL did a good thing of making sure to not have that if they’re wanting to have a rugged all-around speaker now on the front you do have a big JBL logo just in case you didn’t know it was JBL

On the top, you do have a couple of media buttons you have the volume up play pause as well as volume down and if you flip it over on the side and the back you have your power on power off. As well as your Bluetooth pairing button on the bottom is where you find the USB type-c port. Which is exposed but then again I guess because JBL says it’s dustproof there won’t be any dust in there but that’s just something personally I’m not a fan of I always like having it covered.

Campare To Clip 3

Compared to its predecessor the JBL clip 3 the one thing it doesn’t have is an aux port so you cannot use the speaker wired now the one cool thing which I love that all JBL products have is the nice startup button noise. Take a listen very satisfying and in my opinion even just that you can feel the bass when you’re holding it in your hands.

Sound Quality

When it came to the sound quality of the speaker and kind of the loudness that it is now 5 watts meaning it delivers a lot more power personally. It sounded just fine the one thing I will say is that at those super-duper high volumes so pretty much at max volume the base isn’t there as much it kind of does get a bit distorted. But aside from that it packs a punch I could bring this to the beach or park and it would be able to fill my area completely fine without disturbing others of course and overall the sound quality, in my opinion, I’d give it a solid 9 out of 10.

Now when it comes to the clip the part itself that folds down is kind of made out of the softer material kind of like a rubber-like material. Whereas the rest is more of like a brushed aluminum material I’m a big fan of it because I’m going to assume if you’re just going to slap this onto something you’re going to do something along those lines. And because it’s rubber it will be able to take a longer beating rather than if it was brushed aluminum then there’s going to be scratches and everything. Now as well just to prove how nice this design is and how weather resistant is here’s a quick water montage enjoy.


Now another thing about the speaker which in my opinion is pretty good is the battery life it says that it can go up to 10 hours. But from my experiences just blasting it and listening to it I got around seven to eight hours which honestly if I’m going out for a full day with my friends at the beach or park or wherever I think eight hours seven to eight hours is perfectly fine I’m not going to need to go anything over overall the JBL Clip 4 pretty much knocks off every box.

That I would want I’d want a portable speaker that’s rugged I can take it anywhere as well as it has a good battery life this thing it does all of those if not a bit more and there’s really not much else you could ask from the speaker the only thing I would have liked to see in this speaker is party mode were pretty much.

The JBL Clip 4 Clip 5 I believe they have is where you can sync up all JBL speakers with your friends and play the same music at the same time using different speakers.

Originally posted 2022-06-21 10:36:48.