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Thronmax Fireball Quick and Easy Recording

Today we have the Thronmax Fireball microphone which I picked up in the store a couple of days ago and the reason for that is because it looked. So cool I wasn’t expecting much of it and just looking at it it looked like a baby version of the blue snowball microphone.

You know what why not give it a go it’s only $45 might as well try to see how it is if it’s worth it and if you should pick one. Let’s start off with the design and right off the bat the thing that really caught my attention from the design is the stand. The stand is made out of aluminum which surprised me, even more, I thought it’d honestly be plastic didn’t expect much from it but once I took it out of the box it was aluminum I was like.

That’s pretty good Thronmax is putting some effort into it now another thing about the design which I’m a big fan of is the stand position. You know Thronmax they have multiple microphones that use USB type C. Why does this one use micro USB? couldn’t tell you maybe call them and find out but I have no idea why.

And as well on the backside you do have one other button no gain dials, no different dials, no crazy buttons, just one singular one to mute and to unmute but the cool thing about that is is when you click it the microphone from my point of view turns red hence the name fireball.

Pretty cool, now as well you do have a bit of branding on the microphone. If you for some reason forgot it was Thronmax then you can look right down at it and you’ll see Thronmax and their logo. So, I guess that’s always good to have as well. Now as well you can see that there is some sort of mesh-like material on top of the microphone and the best way to describe it is almost like you take some black underwear. You stretch it as much as you can and you place it on top of this, it’s very thin and in my opinion pretty pointless it’s nowhere near something like this.

If they included something like this on it then you know that would be pretty useful and even I could technically put this on this microphone. While typing so as you can see right now it is pretty loud and it will pick it up in the background, not the best thing personally. If I had someone in my discord call or zoom called that does this I would mute them I don’t even care if they’re saying anything important. But to give you guys a better perspective if you’re someone who has a keyboard such as mine which is more of a membrane chiclet-style which is more quiet.

This is what that would sound like so as you can see again you can still hear it in the background it’s more subtle though which is a nice thing to see personally if someone did this in my call.

Originally posted 2022-06-21 13:38:15.