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Logitech MK295 Review – Worlds Quietest Keyboard

Here at, we have tried out a lot of different keyboards and to give you a better idea. Here are a few of ours we got Logitech we got razer, and we even have some office Logitech keyboards, but the one keyboard which we’ve tried which has been the quietest ever throughout our four years of youtube is the Logitech MK295.
This thing takes the crown it dethrones anyone and you know when we were walking around seeing this in the store. We didn’t expect much from it it was just another silent keyboard mouse combo myself I’m a big fan of office kind of tech in general.

And holy B is this thing silent so let’s start off with what you get inside of the box inside the box you get the keyboard itself. Which in my opinion is probably the main reason you’d be buying this as well as the mouse now the mouse I’ll touch on right now the mouse the best way to put it just a mouse.

There’s really nothing else to say about it it’s made out of plastic it’s somewhat silent but yeah it’s just a mouse. now let’s get back to what probably anyone who buys this keyboard mouse combo is looking for and that is the keyboard I was shocked at how good this thing is at being silent when you’re typing on it. Honestly it kind of blew my mind now as for the build quality of the keyboard it is made out of plastic which I did expect I’m not expecting any metal aluminum big heavy frame, but it does have a good amount of flex to it.

Now I didn’t really want to test my limit as to how much I can flex it. The keyboard doesn’t have RGBS it doesn’t have lights shooting out of it or rainbows flying left right and center this keyboard is silent and that’s all it does now the keyboard is also wireless it does plug in using a nano receiver which controls the mouse and the keyboard at the same time.

As well you do have some cool nifty features with this keyboard. Let’s say you know you’re just coming back from the gym you’re tired you’re thirsty you’re drinking your water let’s say you spill that on the keyboard. You know if it was any other keyboard then that keyboard’s done. So it’s gone throw it in the trash but with this one, it does have some spill resistance where it does have some holes on the keyboard just in case if you ever do spill something on it kind of falls through and just doesn’t damage the keyboard.

So it’s a really nice thing to see on such a cheap keyboard on top of that as well you do have some phenomenal battery life. It claims to be over a year which I have not had this keyboard for over a year so I really cannot say how long the battery life is as well one other thing. That this keyboard does have which at this point if you don’t know it had this then I don’t know what to say but it’s a quiet keyboard it’s got Logitech silent touch feature which makes it so every single keycap is really silent.

Originally posted 2022-06-21 12:37:53.