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Logitech G335 Wired Gaming Headset Review

With so many different headsets on the market, it’s honestly pretty hard to choose a good one and there hasn’t really been anything out there that really stands out or takes the crown. Well in my opinion I think that is about to change, because today we got the Logitech G335. Today we got the Logitech G335 and we’re gonna take a look to see how it is and what makes this headset stand out. Compared to the other ones oh my gosh I was expecting you to know.


So now let’s start off with the design of the headset. So, right off the bat, the entire build is fully made out of plastic but it’s a nice flexible matte finish and by flexible trust me this thing can flex take a look.

Now one thing as well that instantly stands out when you look at this headset is this little fabric band right here and you might be wondering what is this why is it there why is it two different colors. So, many different questions well I’m here to answer all of them so pretty much what this is a nice little headset rather than having the foam that most gaming headsets have up here this just makes it so it’s more evenly distributed weight on both sides of the headset.

You can adjust it however you like and you can flip it to whichever side that you want you do have two different ways you can adjust it if you want it to be tighter or not as tight you have that option but I personally love it.

I think it’s really cool the fact that it contrasts so much with the entire headset I’m a big fan. Now as well this headset does adjust and it’s not like your typical gaming headsets either there’s no weird band thingy where they interlock and stuff it changes based on the ear cup. So as you can see it moves up and down in a nice sliding motion it’s pretty satisfying if you ask me and you do have a couple of four notches where you can choose whichever height is best for you.


Now moving along to the microphone this is where my opinion I was a big fan you do have the nice you can push it up push it down swivel up and down motion and another cool thing about it is whenever it’s up it mutes and whenever it’s down it unmutes. Now I recently reviewed another headset the JBL quantum 200s and these things had the same thing. But they suck because they make a clicking noise every single time you mute and unmute. So what Logitech did is they don’t have that noise and so honestly if someone at JBL is watching this take notes because Logitech did it perfectly.

Microphone Test

Right now I’m talking about using the Logitech G335. Headset it’s not a terrible mic honestly it sounds decent it does the job exactly what I would need to the one thing I did notice is while recording this mic test whenever I mute and unmute. It does make a bit of noise take a listen for yourself, but whenever we tested that in discord we were not able to hear it. So, I’m not too sure if it’s just an audacity thing now as well. I am talking while typing on a keyboard this keyboard has red switches and you can’t hear it which I was pretty surprised at so good.


On Logitech for that now the ear cups of this headset are also phenomenal in my opinion they are super lightweight and just really breathable. They do leak a bit of sound so if you’re working in a quiet environment or just love blasting loud music like I do then you might want to consider some other ear cups because these ones do leak. Do you hear this because I can barely hear myself this is very loud? I don’t know how loud I’m talking but it bleeds. Now as well on the left ear cup you do have a nice volume dial nothing too special honestly. It’s just there it’s better to have than not have and you do have just a non-braided plastic 3.5-millimeter headphone jack it’s not detachable which I mean this headset can’t be completely perfect.

Headset Frame

Now when it came to the frame of this headset which in my opinion is probably the best part about it is it’s so lightweight. It is crazy lightweight and crazy comfortable. This little headset that they have here is so nice compared to the regular foam I’ve never tried something like this personally I’ve always had the little foam padding at the top. But this just evenly distributes the weight a lot easier and because there’s no heavy material on this headset it makes it so it’s a very enjoyable experience. You can use this for long durations of time while not feeling any sort of pain or annoyance or hatred towards the headset.

Sound Quality

When it came to sound quality it did the job perfectly fine for me. There was a good amount of bass it was overall balanced there but for me again I’m no audiophile completely. But I like my bass and this definitely did deliver it was clean nice sound quality and it was immersive so especially. When I was playing games here and there it really made me feel as if I was in the game because again the nice breathable ear cups didn’t push too hard nor were they too loose and so it just made the experience even better.


It came to my experiences using this headset they were pretty positive honestly there’s not much I didn’t like about it the best thing and probably my favorite headset I’ve ever tried even over the Sennheiser’s that I have is the comfort of. These things these I could have these on for 24 hours and completely be fine not wine at all just because of how lightweight. It is and how evenly distributed the weight is one side doesn’t feel heavier than the other everything. Feels balanced and it’s not like it’s crappy audio quality it’s good audio quality the mic is good the functionality is good and you do have the volume dial there just in case if you want to use it, of course, the only thing. I would say is if there was a detachable wire then that might be just a little bit better but aside from that even looks wise. This looks phenomenal I love just having that little tiny accent of color on this entire headset it really adds a punch to it.

Other Colors

And of course, if you check out the other colors there are pretty funky I’ll just put it that way. I enjoy it’s a risk I would say the Logitech’s going a bit out of the box this isn’t something you typically see you always see gaming headsets. just stick to white red black or the basic colors but having funky colors like this really gives a way for gamers or whoever. who wants to buy these to really showcase their personality because in the end whenever you’re buying something you want to showcase you want that to be a part of you represent you in a way. and I feel like Logitech is doing a very good job of giving people whether it’s gamers just casual people who want a headset a chance to express themselves by choosing tech products. that you know suits them now one thing that really interested me and I thought was a pretty cool idea. is that because these bands are detachable you can easily take them off whenever you want.

Detachable Band

I was thinking what if third parties made bands like this you know what if we were to see a supreme Logitech collab where it’s a nice blue. And then just the supreme logo really opens up the door to a lot more possibilities and I think it’s a step in the right direction to making gaming gear overall. just a lot more personal than just having to be something you have to buy. because if you want a game you have to have it this is more of a way you can showcase yourself express yourself and be yourself now this post helped you guys out or you know helped you make a decision or just learn more about Logitech.

Originally posted 2022-06-21 05:03:04.