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Razer Huntsman Mini Specifications

Hey everyone came back with another post and in today’s we’ll be review a look at 60% keyboard made by razer, yes I know that’s not something you hear every day but we have it in front of us.

Today we got the Razer Huntsman Mini to see how it is if it’s worth it or if you should look at other options with that being said let’s get right into the video. Now let’s start off with what you get inside of the box you get the keyboard itself. You get the detachable braided cable which is very nice to see as well as your regular razer plan flits and stickers bare basics.

Razer Huntsman Mini

Now moving on to the design is a 60% keyboard which of course I would hope that it is a 60% keyboard in the box if I’m buying a 60% keyboard but with that aside.

Overall my first impression of it was that it looks super sleek and compact I’m a big fan of the fact that they do have a bit of aluminum on the keyboard on the top you do have a nice little aluminum finish but overall the rest of the design of the keyboard is made out of plastic.


And if you flip the keyboard over you’ll find something that’s very interesting I am a very big fan of it you see little indents inside of the keyboard that says for gamers by gamers. I am a big fan of that because if you know razer you know that they’re one of the few peripheral companies that really listen to what the community has to say about their products and they’re always improving their products. So just seeing that there I’m a big fan.

Now as well on the back you do have two flip-up feet which you can either choose to be six degrees or nine degrees the customization there is well very nice and finally, you will see that you do have a USB type-c slot where you attach the cable.

But what’s special about this is that the USB-C cable has some grooves so when you slide it in it’s perfectly fit it’s snug it’s nice and tight and it just stays there and it won’t move so that’s a very nice feature. That honestly doesn’t take much to add which I haven’t seen other keyboards do which makes this keyboard even that much more sturdy.
This keyboard we do have Razer’s clicky switches here’s a quick sound test of what that sounds like now as you can see they live up to their name clicky switches. Now as you can see they live up to their name clicky switches. Clicky sound put two and two together you got those switches now as well with this keyboard despite it being 60%.

You do have just your basic functions volume up volume down arrow keys all that once you click function so seeing that there even though it might be a bit harder to use those certain keys that you would on a full-size keyboard just having that there is pretty nice to see now as well when it comes to the customization you can customize the keyboard using the razer chrome app.

Originally posted 2022-06-21 11:36:59.