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Logitech G604 Review and Price 2021

Well, that’s exactly what the Logitech g604 does with 15 different buttons on this bad boy we’re gonna take a look to see if it’s worth it or if you should stick to a mouse with a lot fewer buttons.

So now upon opening up the box you do get the mouse itself you get an included double a battery you get a nano receiver as well as an extension cable just in case you want to plug it and have the receiver be a bit closer to you all just pretty much basic s


Design of the mouse which in this case is pretty much one of the main features the entire build quality is all made out of plastic. But it’s more of a matte kind of nice premium plastic I’d say it doesn’t feel like dollar store material. Definitely has a bit of premiumness to it now as well on the top you do have your scroll wheel it can go left and right so that’s another button two buttons right there as well you do have your button to switch into light speed mode.

As well as just a scroll wheel adjuster if you want to have it in super speed or just with a couple of clicks here and there now on the bottom of the mouse. You do have the sensor the on-off switch and a lot of different pads which in my opinion I’d say is a bit excessive for this type of mouse but I was a big fan of the fact that they’re all shaped in arrows and look pretty cool. Now, as well one other thing about this mouse is that the


Now going to the main feature of this mouse which is all of the buttons as you can see there are a lot of them you do have six on the side two on the top to adjust your dpi you’ve got a couple more as well on the scroll wheel and on the mouse, itself so overall the 15 buttons. here definitely are not lacking as well you are able to program these buttons to do pretty much whatever you want using the g hub software now one thing about the design as well that you can see is that there’s, unfortunately, no RGBS personally.

I’m totally okay with that I’m for that if anything I’m not a big fan of RGBS but if you’re someone who you know just has an RGB theme across their entire setup then you might want to look at a different option.


Now we’ve talked about the buttons let’s do a quick sound test of them just to give you guys a better idea so here’s the scroll wheel you got the two buttons at the top the right-click and left-click the dpi adjustment as well as all of the different programmable macros.


This thing claims to last up to 240 hours of usage which is pretty understandable and I do believe it because of course there are no RGBS.

There are no excessive things that would be draining the battery aside from you using it as well when you are using it it does have power save mode. So if you just leave it for a bit it automatically turns off once you move it again it turns on another thing as well this mouse has is Logitech light speed which makes it so that it’s a one-millisecond response time.

Of course, that’s pretty good considering it’s a wireless mouse big fan myself and for me when I did some light gaming and again I reiterat

What I Used it for?

Firstly I mainly used it when it came to spreadsheets some light video editing here and there but mainly when it came to spreadsheets and for me.

I was a big fan of being able to customize these macros to do different tasks whenever I needed them it saved me a lot of time because once I programmed. It once boom has done over I would not have to do that again and it was literally as easy as a click of a button.

G602 vs G604

Of course, it doesn’t take too long but it does save time, in the end, being someone who has used the G602. This one was a big step up and it just felt more comfortable in my hand I was a big fan of the ergonomics I always have loved this little tiny wedge right here.

Where you can have your thumb rest on and just the shape of it is a lot more sleek and classy compared to the g602 now overall when it came to the G602. Would I sell it or would I keep it myself personally and again this is just my opinion I would keep this mouse because for myself personally?

I did see an increase in productivity, because after three weeks of using this mouse. When it came to excelling sheets in light video editing. it made it a lot faster and a lot easier, because I didn’t have to go through and repeat tasks that used to take a while it was just as simple as a click of a button so if you’re someone who sits behind their computer and does tasks such as video editing google spreadsheets photo editing.

Then the G604 should definitely be an option you look for even if it comes to gaming and you want to program it to do different things in gaming just having the ability to do that is very nice again. this is more of a review from kind of the more productive side rather than the gaming side.

Originally posted 2022-06-21 08:36:32.